An ESP32 based, Arduino compatible, DIY soldering kit.

Learn and practice soldering SMD components:

  • Learn and practice soldering SMD (surface-mount device) components and you can prototype your own ESP32 based Arduino compatible board

  • The NEAToBOARD-ESP32 PCB (printed circuit board) was designed to make the components easy to solder by hand (adhering to the form follows function principle). This approach resulted in a board larger than other dev-kits and features:

    • USB Micro-B type interface, which has bigger physical pins, instead of the newer and more capable, but harder to hand solder USB-C type connection

    • larger USB serial communication chip

    • 805 sized SMD components

    • large soldering pads

Key features:

  • Two NEAToBOARD PCBs and extra SMD components included, because we all make mistakes

  • Reusable tray

  • Pins organized by their function

  • Large and easy to read pin labels on both sides of the PCB

  • Exposed USB pins to make it easier to experiment with USB

  • Dedicated physical JTAG interface for microcontroller debugging

  • Dedicated physical programming interface that supports custom firmware programmers

  • Voltage divider for measuring battery voltage (disabled by default)

  • 32KHz crystal for real-time clock

  • Built-in break away boards:

    • serial RGB LED using popular WS2812B

    • 5x4 charlieplexed LED matrix

    • a button (electrically floating) and a LED

    • two buttons (pull-down and pull-up)

    • double Qwiic I2C interface

    • pin socket 4SPI interface

    • double pin socket I2C interface with dedicated space for optional terminating resistors and an auxiliary pin

    • breadboard bridge LED